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Human Diseases Webquest Worksheet



Computer #:__________________


SELECTED DISEASE:____________________________



1.a.What are the presenting symptoms of this disease?






b.Are any of these symptoms particularly characteristic of this disease?


c.Is this disease chronic or acute? d.lethal or non-lethal


2.a.What is the infectious agent?(Scientific Name)


b.Is this agent a virus or bacteria?

c.Describe the agent in DETAIL.




d.What is its classification?


e.To what other organisms is it related?

f.What is known about its structure?




g.How does the infectious agent interact with the body to produce the symptoms of the disease?



h.What cells or tissues does it infect and how does it damage those cells or tissues?




3a.How is this disease transmitted from host to host?


b.If there is a vector involved, describe the interaction between pathogen, host and vector in DETAIL.




4a.Where did this disease first emerge?



b.Is it endemic to a particular area, or pandemic?


c.Has it erupted in periodic epidemic outbreaks?

d. If so, where and when?



e.Describe the spread of this disease through a population or around the world, if applicable.




f.What human actions are related to the spread of this disease? Be specific.




5a.How is this disease treated?





b.If a vaccine is available, describe the components of the vaccine and discuss its effectiveness.





c.If antibiotics are used, discuss the effectiveness of this treatment.




d.What problems currently exist with treatment strategies?






6a.How is this disease likely to affect us in the future?





b.Will we be able to eradicate it, or will it continue to threaten humans?